strength oriented

We believe in intrinsic motivation to learn as the key to the continuous and sustainable personal development of employees in companies. Therefore, not only our attitude, but also the conceptual approach of our product is 100% potential-oriented. 

Plug & Play

No external training, no technical barriers and no complex implementation efforts. The Skimio Learning Coach is ready for use in 3 minutes for users and administrators, on the desktop PC as well as on the tablet and cell phone.

Easy CMS

Upload 3rd party content easily and automatically. With our CAT-CRM it is possible to intuitively and dynamically integrate your own media and text content into the didactic process. We do not create a digital Leitz folder, but an integrated and intelligent content management.

Talk Talk

Exchanging and interacting also leads to sustainable and highly effective learning. Skimio’s collaborative features and functions connect learners with other learners, experts and mentors – anytime, anywhere.

Cloud service - secure and independent

Skimio is a SaaS solution that does not require any implementation effort in the existing IT landscape. We take the issue of data security very seriously and, in addition to hosting on German servers, we meet all the requirements for fulfilling the GDPR guidelines.

Social Skills on board

In addition to the option of easily and dynamically integrating your own content into Skimio, a social skills premium content package is included in all price models as standard, which is constantly optimized and expanded. In addition, other topics and content packages can be provided by Skimio on request.

Skimio Learning Coach for teams

Teams and smaller business units can quickly use the Skimio Learning Coach as a common tool for knowledge management, onboarding and project support. Relevant content for projects, training courses and workshops can be easily uploaded and integrated meaningfully – the Skimio messenger functions support knowledge exchange and active engagement with the relevant topics. In addition to to-do features, the “Do” module also offers calendar functions. Ideal to distribute the learning units and the reflection of what you have learned on small learning units. The Skimio Learning Coach can either be used completely self-sufficient or accompanying and in addition to workshops and training.

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Der Skimio Learning Coach for ccorporates

The Skimio learning coach for companies complements or replaces existing company learning platforms as Smart-SMS. With the Skimio learning coach, competencies and relevant learning content can be developed effectively and sustainably – managers and L&D employees can use the digital application to specifically serve central competence goals with content and a didactic model, making use of Skimio’s default learning programs. Using the SMART-CRM CAT from Skimio, texts and media content can not only be easily uploaded, but also automatically integrated into the learning process.v

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S.K.A.T.E - the didactic heart of Skimio

It is not only the distinction between competences and skills that is difficult and / or is not defined uniformly. With SKATE, we have integrated a well-founded model that not only vividly assesses the topic of skills, but also creates easy access to the targeted development of key skills in the company.

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