Services & Features

The implementation of SKIMIO in your company is very easy. Start with our Basic Setup and all the functionalities your employees need to get started in the SKIMIO learning world. Expand if necessary with an update on our Premium Setup. In addition, we offer flanking services and services for the technical service and the content-related filling of SKIMIO by the SKIMIO content team or by your own employees.

Was ist dabei?



- Technical operation and hosting (German servers)

- Device-independent use of the SKIMIO APP (PC, laptop, tablet, iOS, Android)

- basic set of SKIMIO competence programs (including lateral guidance and agile methods)

- Deploying HR Dashboard Basic



- Provision of additional premium content packages

- Provide HR Dashboard Premium

Activation CRM / authoring tool Customizing SkillSet connection

- Premium Support

Social-Skills & Self-Management- Basics

Skimio can be used immediately without any complex setup. A social skills and self-management basic bundle is included in the package.

Tech Support

We support with technical expertise. Our development team ensures problem-free use of Skimio on all technical devices and will support you at any time if needed.

HR Expertise

Our expert team brings together more than 20 years of HR expertise in L&D programs. We guarantee you a very high level of knowledge when it comes to implement Skimio in your organization and in developing competence based systems

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Additional Services

In addition to SKIMIO basic & premium setus, various performance modules can be booked as well:

We support the introduction and setup of Skimio and help you with integration of competency models in the SKIMIO-CRM.
As a B2B Enterprise Software solution, SKIMIO works completely self-explanatory and independent of external support. That's why we call our project support "over the counter", which enables special connections and integrations of modules, contents and 3rd party connections independent of the standard service.
With the SKIMIO Content Authoring Tool it is possible to easily and intuitively create learning content for your organization. With the XAPI and SCORM interfaces, SKIMIO offers the option of "automatically" integrating existing company content into the SKIMIO learning offer. By licensing the SKIMIO Content Authoring Tool, it is also possible to integrate special company-owned content into SKIMIO and make it accessible to users internally and externally.

Highly qualified SKIMIO editors assist in the creation and selection of learning content. SKIMIO Content is part of a strict and continuous quality control process in which the following parameters are challenged by Skimio Employees as well as automatically through the platform itself: relevance, timelines, motivation, learning objectives