Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? We’re happy to answer them. Have a look at the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Is your question not included? Feel free to contact us any time.

Is the site safe for purchases?

We work with the most secure payment service providers, placing great emphasis on the protection of your data and the security of your purchase.

What is the cancellation policy?

It’s an annual subscription service that can be cancelled with 3 months’ notice from the end of the month. In other words, three months before the end of the subscription year.

How long is a contract period?

Currently, we only offer one-year contracts. The reason for this is our conviction that sustainable advancement and success with Skimio only happens over the long-term – 12 months or longer – even if you experience benefits more quickly.  

Do I have to subscribe to all the services included in the package?

No! We offer a SAAS solution. With the goal of providing maximum benefit with the minimum of effort, we can also support you with additional services. But our objectives are not only for the responsible employee, but for the responsible organization as well.

How long will it take my team and me to get started?

1-2 weeks. Following initial talks and a workshop, we define everything necessary for you to get started. If content needs to be added or created in Skimio, it will take longer, but with the support of our in-house experts you should be ready to go in 4-8 weeks.

Can I test free of charge?

No! We don’t offer a free trial version because the content is too valuable. You can, however, have a look and try a few things with as many users as you like for a period of 4 weeks, which will be charged as part of your annual subscription.

Skimio cannot be started with Internet Explorer 11.

Skimio uses a mobile-first approach with a modern browser architecture. Skimio can be used ideally on iOS and Android. Should this strategy – also used by many other SAAS services, such as Slack and Trello – encounter implementation difficulties, we can develop a solution. We are also planning a desktop application to eliminate dependency on desktop PCs.

How can I integrate content on my own?

Skimio has an authoring tool that allows companies to easily create and edit their own content in Skimio.  The authoring tool is an easy to use content management system. Skimio offers its customers first level support and coaching with the integration of the company’s own content. Interfaces: Skimio is planning to implement the interfaces SCORM and xAPI shortly.

How can Skimio be integrated into a corporate LMS as a companion / avatar?

All relevant employee learning content can be mapped in Skimio. Talk to us and together, we’ll find the perfect solution for your company.  

Is it possible to login by single sign-on?

Authentication is carried out via OPenAuth 2.0. With it, the integration of a single sign-on by OAuth 2 is possible without any problems.

Where is the data saved or hosted?

Skimio is a SAAS tool that works in the cloud. Skimio only uses servers located in Germany. Several data backups are created daily and stored on AWS buckets.
It is possible to independently store a data subset (excluding MB-specific records) on an MB server. For this however, an agreement with our tech department is necessary.

What possibilities are offered with the authoring tool regarding user-friendly integration of MS Office application?

The authoring tool is easy to understand and used successfully in practice by many customers. Currently, there is no integration of Office applications as the unstructured nature of Office documents is not suitable for content creation in Skimio.

Can subscribing employees receive certificates for special courses?

While other learning management systems offer certification, it is not a core feature of Skimio. We don’t rule out thinking about offering solutions for it in the future, however.

To what extent are interfaces with other systems (e.g.SAP) operated? Integration effort / interfaces

If an interface is required, Skimio implements them as quickly as possible.

Can the design / logo be adapted to that of the customer company?

Yes, it’s possible to edit and adapt your own design and place logos.

Can users also access Skimio from their private devices?

Yes! In fact, we strongly recommend that companies encourage it. Learning should not be limited to one device – or a specific time. People learn when it fits them best. Our users already use Skimio 40% in their spare time. In doing so, usage is divided between the professional and private environment to provide the greatest possible benefit.

What are the evaluation possibilities for the individual learner and HR development?

HR development can view key figures on general use via a dashboard. KPIs including trend topics, when Skimio is used, unpopular topics, user feedback and others. There is no evaluation of individual user data. Learners can, however, compare their self-assessment with external assessments on the competencies mapped in Skimio, and view and manage their learning progress in their dashboard / profile. Personal data can only be viewed if explicitly activated by the learner. This feature has not yet been implemented, however.

Which platforms can I use Skimio?

Skimio can be used across platforms on all common devices and operating systems. Skimio runs as an installable app on Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktops in all modern browers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla firefox and Safari.