Our Mission

Rethink personnel development digitally

Skimio is a digital learning coach with which we take a leading role in learning and training business. Our sound technical concept makes us unique in connection with our conversational interface.

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Dr. Claas Triebel, Founder & CEO

Professor for Business Psychology until 2017. Founder of the Kompetenzenbilanz and Coaching Specialist for Developing of Competencies.

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Ralph Suda, Co-Founder

Career as Manager, Coach, Serial Entrepreneur. Successful Exits and Asset Deals. Expert in growing and scaling digital business models.

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Christian Loos, Co-Founder

IT Expert & Change Advisor for digital transformation and positive psychology.


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Rico Fernando, COO

Management Career in leading positions in HR Management and Leadership-Development. Expert for Organizational Development and Competence-Models (Developing and Implementation)

Jalil Wahdatehagh

Jalil Wahdatehagh, CTO

Product management, R&D and placement of new products and ideas for start-ups and established companies in D-A-CH and USA. UX / UI Design, SDLC and Technology Mentorship. Focus on feasibility and time-to-market of digital products and projects by systematically pursuing "minimum viable product" as a development approach.

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SKMIO Experts

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Gerd Bührig

+25 years in senior positions in HR and Organizational Development,
amongst other things. Founding the  Bertelsmann University. Internationally honored expert for New Learning and New Work

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Dr. Oliver Mack

Various leadership positions in global companies, teaching at high  schools in Canada, Germany and Austria. Founder and Chief Researcher of the xm: institute

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Prof. Dr. Jens Nachtwei

CEO IQP Institute, one of the leading human resources and organizational psychologists  in Germany. Teaches and conducts research at the Humboldt University Berlin.

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Anselm Bauer

Entrepreneur, Alasco GmbH, Business Angel, founder and CTO STYLIGHT GmbH (EXIT 2016).

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The Society for Educational Research and Professional Development - Munich is a for 35 years  active independent research and consulting institute.