“With the Skimio Digital Suite, we offer effective digital instruments to promote potential-oriented skills development and ensure the long-term economic success of small and large companies. And we’re also contributing to identifying and promoting hidden strengths and competencies. That’s why Skimio’s credo is both an appeal and a promise: BE BETTER AT WORK!”

Dr. Claas Triebel, CEO Skimio GmbH and founder of the “Kompetenzenbilanz”, Europe’s leading process for career development.

The Competence Pilot: The Digital, Agile Skills Management Solution for Teams and Businesses

Create easy-to-use competence models, carry out assessments, identify gaps and potentials. The Competence Pilot is the easiest and most effective solution for up-to-date, potential-oriented skills management aimed toward coaches, teams and businesses. 

Competence Pilot

The digital LEARNING COACH: The simplest digital solution for your company’s competence development.

Skimio promotes independent learning through its unique architecture and mobile first approach. The Skimio CRM offers a simple and straight forward option to meaningfully integrate 3rd party content into the learning process. The Skimio learning.coach is a potential-oriented approach and fully functional as a plug & play solution for HR and employees in only minutes.

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51% of all companies using a competency model never revise it because the process seems too complex.


74% of all managers consider a participatory model of competence development useful.


35% of Skimio learning.coach users do so with Skimio out of Office

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