The Digital
Learning Coach.

Skimio drives the development of tomorrow's organizations. Skimio is based on sound didactic principles, self-directed, collaborative and geared towards a 100% match of individual and organizational development goals.

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Chat-Bot / Messenger

Skimio is as easy to use as a typical messenger application. The conversational interface makes Skimio the perfect personal learning assistant. It's easy to use and intuitive.

iOS, Android, Desktop

Mobile, Desktop/PC, Tablet.
Use Skimio seamlessly on any device or platform. Skimio can be used as a learning coach anywhere and in any situation.

Self learning (AI) approach

Not only users learn - Skimio itself improves and gets smarter every day as a learning companion and adapts to individual needs!

Anonymous and discreet

Your activity on Skimio is not shared with leadership or HR. The use of Skimio is 100% anonymous for the user. Skimio is as discreet as a real coach.

Sound didactic principles

In Skimio, learning content is not offered as a sequence of content snippets as in conventional tools. Your learning path on Skimio follows a didactic model.


No competence development without reflection. Skimio offers the perfect tools for this.


Text, audio, video. Via Skimio, content is linked with existing content of the company.


Skimio connects employees, executives, mentors, coaches for topic-related one-on-ones. Skimio-Collaboration modules connect employees with employees and experts.


Competence development is only effective in the long term through concrete implementation steps. Do-Tasks can be organized easily and effectively via Skimio.

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Users love Skimio!

Skimio is used intensively and effectively by employees. This distinguishes Skimio from existing B2B learning offers. Skimio creates immediate benefits, not only for the users themselves, but also for HR, PE and management. Skimio's learning concept improves the learning success of employees of all hierarchical and career levels.


Competence models can be easily and completely mapped in Skimio. Skimio can be seamlessly integrated into existing personnel development concepts.

HR Dashboard

With the HR Dashboard, users and content packages can be managed. The dashboard can also be used to review relevant KPI´s content. E.G.: Trend topics, general usage, user behaviour and much more.

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Use Skimio in your organisation.

More and more companies are using Skimio as the central tool for people development.

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Partner with Skimio

We successfully develop innovative learning programs together with our partner organisations.

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Skimio fills a gap in individual development. From my point of view, it solves the biggest obstacle in the self-directed learning experience. The didactic approach creates structure – and with it, freedom – in dealing with the content! It’s new and innovative approach to learning!

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Anslem Bauer, Entrepreneur

The future of learning will focus far more on how we learn rather than what we learn.  By focusing on the how, your options are more far reaching and self-directed for the digital world. Skimio is a new key for learning, for creative self-determination, and almost a new currency for tomorrow's society.

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Dr. Martin Hanauer, Director, HR Development, ADAC

As an entrepreneur, alongside recruitment, I consider the further development of employees to be the most important task for an organization. Unfortunately, many of the common formats for further education and learning are either not effective or not up to date. As a digital, scalable solution, SKIMIO revolutionizes the learning process in companies and offers employees an effective companion for continuing education.

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Gerd Bührig, Former Director Bertelsmann University

I’ve used talent and competence programs in my leadership work over the last few years and it’s become clear that future learners will have to increasingly manage their personal educational path more autonomously. Skimio is a great tool that can be integrated centrally into HR development work. And with more courage to try things out, Skimio supports deeper

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