“With the Skimio digital suite we offer effective, digital instruments to promote potential-oriented skills development and to ensure the long-term economic success of small and large companies. But we also make a contribution to identifying and promoting hidden strengths and competencies. Therefore, Skimio’s credo is both an appeal and a promise: BE BETTER AT WORK!”

Dr. Claas Triebel, CEO Skimio GmbH and founder of “Kompetenzenbilanz”, Europe’s leading process for career consulting.

SKIMIO PILOT: The digital solution for agile skill management in teams and companies

Simply create pulse checks, skill profiles and competence models, carry out assessments, identify gaps and potentials. The Skimio Pilot is a collaborative and 100% digital solution for contemporary, agile skill management and the development of people in teams, units and companies.

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Skimio Pilot - einfach Kompetenzen, Skills und Leitbilder entwickeln

The digital SKIMIO COACH: The easiest digital solution for competence development in companies.

SKIMIO promotes self-learning through a unique architecture and a mobile first approach. The Skimio CMS offers a simple and self-explanatory option to integrate 3rd party content easily and meaningfully into the learning process. The Skimio learning.coach is based on a potential-oriented approach and can be fully used as a plug & play solution for HR and employees within minutes.

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51% of all companies that use a competency model have never revised it because the process seems too complex.


74% of all managers consider a participatory development of competence models to be useful.


35% of users of Skimio learning coach use Skimio out of Office

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